What is mean median mode?

The above three are considered the key elements in finding the solutions of various questions of statistics. Here is the explanation of these.

What is mean?
The average of all the values or figures present in the data is termed as the mean value. You can also say that mean is the central value from a whole set.

How to find mean?
There is not a long procedure of calculating the mean. You have to just add all the numbers of the group or the set and then divide by the total numbers present in that group.

Formula of mean:
For example:
Find the mean value of 3, 8, and 9.
Initially add all the three numbers: 3+7+8=18
Divide this value by the total values of group: 18÷3=6
Thus the calculated mean is 6.

What is Median?
The mid most value in the whole set of the figures is called as median. You have to rearrange the numbers from lower to higher. If not you can also rearrange them into higher to lower then you can easily find out the middle most value. Median can divide the whole data into two halves.

How to find median?
If you have to find the median, arrange the data by writing the values from smallest to largest. In other words you have to arrange it in ascending order. After that find out that value which has equal number of numbers on its left side as well as right side. It will be the mid most value. But if your data has even or odd numbers then the method is slightly different. The formulas below will clarify you.

Formula of median:
There are two types of exception in finding the median. If the total numbers are present in an odd number then you have to use this formula,
Median=(n+1)/2-th term
But if the total numbers are present in an even number then the following formula will be applicable.
Median=(n/2)th term+(n/2+1)th term/2

What is mode?
Mode is that value that is repeated for the maximum number of times in the whole set of data. If there are more than one values that are repeating then the mode will be more than one. And if no value is repeating then there is no mode in that data.

How to find mode?
The process of finding mode is very easy. Initially put all the figures in the ascending order. Then count if any integer is repeated in the order. The digit that is present in maximum number is the mode. But if the data is in grouped form then you have to put the values in the formula below.

Formula of mode:
For grouped data:

For ungrouped data:
The most frequently value
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