What is the work platform? 

It is an equipment or a machine that is used mainly for reaching a higher height during work, where it is not possible to access the area particular height easily. In that crucial situation, to carry out the work with ease, there is a must-use of the Work platformThere are different types of a working platform for different types of works, thus they have different use as well. In today’s era, there are more developing countries that are moving towards the construction of the buildings, in those. The situation, its use is compulsory to increase the mobility of the workers to reach one height to another with ease. 

What are the advantages of using the work platform?

  • It helps a person to reach a particular height with ease and is very convenient to use. 

  • They are very safe as well if the precautions are taken before using it. 

  • They can lift heavyweight which is not easy for a human to carry or lift. 

What are the disadvantages of using a work platform? 

  • It is risky for the workers if they fall or lose their balance. 

  • It requires proper training before using the work platform

  • It is expensive to buy the machine for using it for industrial and construction use.

What are the control measures of the work platform?

The term control measures mean that it is precautions and prevention of accidents to occur. Here are a few tips that can be used as control measures. 

·        Make sure the joints of the work platform are tightly fixed and are not loose, as it can result in misbalance and can lead to collide a person and can be very dangerous to use. 

·        Before you use it, you need to make sure that it is strong enough to lift your weight and will not result in overweight in lifting. 

·        As an extras safety, you need to tie yourself with a rope so that even if you fall, you will still be safe from falling. 

·        It should be stable enough before you can start to operate it as if it is not stable and is not under your control, then it will cause very difficult in using it. 

·        The person who is using it should have a good hand grip for controlling the work platform and know the accurate measurements for it. 

Why the need for a stable movement is very important in the work platform? 

They are very important because they are referred to as movement which is very smooth, balanced and is not moved from its position which prevents the instability or jerk to occur. The more stable the work platform would be, the better it will be to work with it and will be less risky. As if it is not stable, then it will result in an imbalance of the machine which causes the person to fall off or to tremble and it will cause them disturbance to work as well while working. 
If there was no stable movement while using the machine then there would never have been a stable position which will always cause the workers to stay unbalanced and by this there is a higher chance for the workers to fall off the machine and even if they manage not to fall, their hands will never stay stable which can distract them from producing accurate work and will make their work even harder rather then making it easier.

How can a work platform be more effective and efficient? 

  1. Use the reliable and updated version of the work platform

  1. You should know how to operate it very well.

  1. A person should have experience in handling and balancing it for effective and efficient use. 

What are height prevention hazards while using the work platform?

When we want to work at a higher height level which is not easily accessible or easily reached, then we use the machines which help us to reach a higher height level. The work is easily carried out and they are making the work to be more flexible and better but there is one thing that we at times forget and do not consider it. Yes, the unexpected occurrence of falling higher height. It was recorded that each year there are more than thousands of death due to the result of the workers falling off from a higher height from the Work platformThe occurrence of the incidents is increasing and it is because there is a lack of knowledge and use of height prevention hazards.

There should be good knowledge and the use of height prevention hazards which can be only be availed if the workers are given proper training and the use of tools and equipment in the case of an emergency. Since there are no backups and safety to be provided for the workers, it leads to higher incidents to occur which has no solution except for the use of the height prevention hazards.
There are some of the use of tools and backup which can result in preventing the workers from falling off the machine. Here some of the tips for height prevention hazards.

1.      Always make sure the worker’s weight is not overweight and is easily carried and lifted by the machine. If the worker’s weight is overweight, then they should not be assigned to work unless their weight is capable to be lifted and this can prevent the incident from falling.

2.      If the worker is about to lose balance and is about to fall off, then there should be a backup and safety that can be used in that crucial moment and one good a thing can be used is the use of the ropes that are tied from the worker securely which will make them stay safe even if they fall off. By this, there will be fewer incidents to occur and workers will stay safe as well.

3.      Also, the use of large sheets of cloth can be used which can be used in an emergency is the worker falls, they will land on it safely and will be safe.