Work platform- A Complete Safety Guide

The work platform is a type of instrument or a tool that is used to provide you secure work on heights by standing on the surface of this tool. These are much preferable to all the ordinary ladders. You have to attach the platform with the wall and can easily stand on it. These are mostly used at the higher places for the sake of safety, balance, and maintenance. These products have a high weight carrying capacity and are available in various types. Some of these are given below.
            Scaffolding work platform
·         Permanently installed platform
·         Podium Platforms
·         Mobile Access Platforms
·         Powered Access Platforms
·         Folding Work Platform
·         Spider Lift
·         Articulated Boom Lift
·         Scissor Lift
·         Telescopic Boom Lift
·         Aerial Lift

Safety should be your priority while using these platforms. It has been found that the major cause of the deaths at the working paces is falling from a height. All the workers must know the safe usage of lifting machines. If you are not fully aware of the usage, leave it and take the classes of the usage of equipment.

Safety measures:
If you want to reduce the risk of falling and injuries then you should follow these following steps.
·         Get the proper training through classes:
·         Read the instructions and work according to them.
·         Initially inspect the product and then bring it into usage.
·         Inspect the place where you have to place the product.
·         Raise the level of the platform according to the requirement of height.
·         Never climb or sit on the guardrails of the platform.
·         Don’t climb down from the surface of the work platform when it has been elevated.  

How to choose the best work platform?
If you have to work on the platform, make sure the product fulfill the following requirements or not.
It must be of the proper size and not very much greater in size. Otherwise, it will be difficult in moving and fixing in all the places. The platform must be slip-resistant. Because the equipment is slippery then there are much greater chances of your injuries. No matter which type of platform you choose it must be tightly fitted with the help of handrails and toe boards. The frame of the product must be b very sturdy and have a high weight carrying capacity. There should be a facility of interlocking. This will tend the platform to stay at the place.

Inspection of work platforms for safety:
Each equipment that you are going to introduce in your industry or business must be inspected before usage. In this inspection, you have to found that whether the equipment is fit for the function or not. It must be properly assembled and installed. And you also have to expose it in the harsh conditions and inspect whether it can work in those conditions or not.
Not only this, the products must be inspected after regular intervals, so that if there is any kind of defect, you may remove all kinds of errors from it.

Training of employees to use work platforms:
Training of the employees is the key element before introducing the platform in your industry. Employees should know the proper use, dismantling, and the erection of this equipment. They should be aware of keeping themselves safe from the risk of falling, or injuries.