What is depression?

Just like we need to correct our physical health to perform or to perform the daily activities, we begin to give attention to our diet and consume healthily as well to hold ourselves physically match and properly. In the same way, when it comes to healthy emotionally, we often lack it and it is never focused much and it plays an important role in our life that we need to look at it.

If a person is feeling healthy physically but is not well emotionally then they will never feel better and will always feel depressed or sad most of the time in their life. Just like healthy health, a healthy mind is needed as well and if the mind is not healthy then it will continue to affect us in our daily life which will make it difficult and will affect us negatively. A healthy mind comes from a healthy childhood or past relationship with your family and your loved ones. If they were never good or healthy for you then higher chances it becomes for you to be prone and be affected with depression. However, we all individuals have different past and different families but what matters is how we overcome it and fight it.  

We all once in our life have experienced the feeling of everything to be not okay either it is with us directly or indirectly. It may have made us feel terrible and anxious. There have been ups and downs in our life but we only experience more hurt and feel upset every time something that didn’t go according to our plans and ways. If this is all yes, then the major cause which made it happen was our depression. None has ever understood depression fully or why it triggers but it has for sure affected billions of people throughout the world which is why mental awareness is spreading day by day to prevent depression and make a person feel better.

There hasn’t been much research about depression as the doctors cannot tell how to treat you or to make you feel better which you will never will be able to feel. All sorts of pain and emotions are the main cause of depression and it is not healed overnight or after days, but it is only fixed when a person itself wants to create mental toughness to feel better and heal. It does take time for them to heal as everything needs certain time, similarly going through depression will heal from time to time which will not just heal you, but will make you feel better mentally and physically as well.

What are the causes of depression?

  • Abusive or traumatic childhood which made your mind altered you with mental illness.
  • The grief that you feel when someone close to you is gone, either they leave you or they are dead.
  • Use of drugs that affect your brain.
  • Constant mood swings or being bipolar.
  • Biological factors such as family issues.
  • Lack of support from the people who were close to you.
  • Failed relationship or toxic relationships.
  • Excessive trust issues with people close to you.
  • Hurt or damaged by the people who were close to you.
What are the symptoms of depression? 

  • Feeling disconnected from people who are close to you such as family and friends.
  • Reduce in interest or activities that once gave you happiness or pleasure.
  • Insomnia (unable to sleep at night).
  • Unable to feel anything throughout the whole day.
  • Feel to be sad or remain upset for no reason.
  • Constant feeling of guilt.
  • Unable to trust people again.
  • Emotionally unstable or satisfied.
  • Never feel happy about anything.
What is mental strength?

The term is broader than said. It is a way of responding and how to overcome the mental illness within yourself. Mental toughness is when a person tries to achieve their goals and desires that they have set even when they have faced or is facing mental illness, they contribute to overcome their depression and do better in their life. It is a first step towards succeeding but it is not easy to do so. It takes a lot of time, patience and practice to make it happen. Asa nothing can be done overnight, but it will be achieved from time to time and the better you will feel emotionally and physically.

How to work on your mental strength?

  • Be happy with your self is the first step towards it. If you are not happy with yourself then you will never be happy. You do not need to rely on any other person to make you happy as happiness is what comes individually and within itself and that is when you start to be happy and appreciate yourself.
  • Give yourself time to heal. As everything happens from time to time give yourself time too.
  • Learn to love yourself as your love should not be greater for anybody above you.
  • Make yourself a priority over everything else. When you make yourself the priority you will focus first on yourself rather than others.
  • Try to appreciate the things you have then felt the hurt or grief which has been gone from your life.
  • Forgive people who have hurt you rather than holding on and seeking an act of revenge as an act of revenge will do no good to you but forgiving them will set you free.
  • Focus on the present than focusing on your past, as what has been done is done and cannot be changed so there is no need to look at the past and look forward.
  • Try to start trusting people even if once when you trusted they have hurt you.
  • Consult a therapist to or close friends to talk about your feelings out or rather than bottling them up in your head.
  • Stay committed to what you have promised even it can be hard or difficult but commitment is what you need.  
  • Do not stay with people who bring you more hurt than peace. Change your circle of friends.
How to improve mental strength?

There are many ways and methods to improve it but it does not happen overnight or in a few days. It requires constant determination and hard work. As the strongest part of our body is our mind, we need to learn how we can control our minds rather than being controlled by our minds. If we are being controlled by our mind then chances are that we will require more time to overcome mental toughness but it is not impossible to achieve. To achieve in improving it we have to work on our self and have to give time to ourselves self which will contribute to self-care and self-development. We have to focus on ourselves than focusing on others. To improve it we have to love ourselves and we should learn to be happy from our own self and that our happiness doesn’t revolve with the people around us. Happiness should come from within us and that is how we will become a better version of our own self. Lastly, time is the greatest factor that it needs. As time changes and so will this situation. Things will get on the better page and on better things from time to time and we need to believe in it and have a healthy mind in order to achieve in improving it.