A complete guide How to start with Wood Turning?

What is woodturning?
The concept of woodturning refers to the manufacturing of the woody items through crafting the logs. 

How did the woodturning start?
The history of woodturning started by Egypt in 500 AD and is one of the oldest methods which is widely being used in today’s era. During the 1500 AD, the most common item was to be used as cups and bowls that were made out of the wood.

How is woodturning carried out?

  1. The tree is cut and sent for further processing.
  2. The leaves and waste are separated from the tree.
  3. The tree is cut into logs which can be processed further.
  4. The logs are hallowed completely by the machines and are cleaned.
  5. Once the wood is scooped out, a chisel is used which is a tool used for crafting the wood.
  6. They are crafted into designs to produce wood items.
  7. Once the wood items are made, it is polished and washed with chemicals and are ready to be sold.

What is the purpose of woodturning?
The purpose is pretty simple, to produce the useable items such as decoration, cutlery, and other items made out of wood require woodturning.

How much costing is required to start a basic setup?
The basic setup for starting woodturning is not much expensive. The basic item required will be a machine to hallow the logs, lathe, and tools for crafting such as a chisel. However, the main cost will be consumed on the electricity used by the machine.

From where to get the experience of woodturning in the USA?
Jerry Kermode School of Woodturning Teaching the Art of Non-violent Woodturning is one of the best places in the USA to get professional training and gaining experience. Millions of people enroll in it and learn the woodturning work with the help of professional workers. Jerry Kermode School aims to deliver students the best experience in woodturning which will help them to get better job opportunities and succeed in the business of crafting for producing wood items. However, the drawback of jerry Kermode School is that when a person is enrolled they have to deposit $100 in an advance which will be refunded but the cash needs to be deposited before a person can enroll.

What are Do in woodturning?

1. Do wear eye protection 
As the major problem in woodturning is that it produces a lot of dust that can easily get in your eyes and can cause irritation or even an eye infection. It is essential to wear eye protection on your eyes before starting the work.

2. Do try out a variety of tools
One of the most common mistakes people do while training and learning crafting is that they do not use most of the different variety of tools which can make our work easier and unique. However, it will be expensive for purchasing every tool so this option still depends upon the budget. If you can buy a different variety of tools then it is recommended to try it out otherwise you can work with fewer tools but your work will not be unique and you will not learn what other tools are used for. It is best advised to learn to craft from an institute which has professional trainers and they are providing most of the different variety of tools.

3. Do stand firm 
One of the most common mistakes people do when training and learning crafting is that they do not stand firm and because of it, their grip is not firm which leads to instability. The firm the grip will be, the better the work will be.

4. Do challenge yourself 
Once you start to challenge yourself you will be able to reach your highest potential. If you cannot challenge yourself then you will never really know how well you can do.

5. Research in designing and crafting 
One of the best ways to increase your potential and to do better is by researching designing and crafting. As you will get an idea of how it is carried out and how you can do similar work which will give you a better understanding and will make your concepts clear.

6. Create your ideas 
Once you start to create your ideas you will learn the new ways to craft and design. Also, your work will be more unique.

7. Wear an apron
As crafting can be messy and tidy work which can make your clothes dirty, it is essential to wear an apron and keep your clothes free from the dirt.

What is Don’ts in woodturning?

1. Do not rush 
As crafting is one of the patient's work, it requires time to craft and the best work comes when you take it slow. As soon as you start to rush, your work gets messy too. It is advised not to rush and speed up the work as it can ruin the design and requires a lot of patience.

2. Do not get too close with machines
As machines are used for cutting and to hallow the logs, it can be extremely dangerous is it gets contact with your body which can cause brutal damage. It is recommended to sustain a distance while working on the machines and not to get too close to it.

How many efforts are required to start a woodturning business?
When we talk about the effort in the business of woodturning, the answer is pretty simple. It does require a lot of effort and time since it is being crafted by hands and it requires a lot of patience and effort. If you rush and speed up the work, it will result in a lack of creativity and your work will be messy. As competition is increasing day by day for every business, uniqueness is what gains a competitive advantage over competitors and if unique designs are created then it will help the business to gain a competitive advantage.
In crafting the price depends upon the designing and uniqueness which creates its worth and can be sold. If the design is not unique and the finished work is not good then it will not be sold at a higher price. Also, it requires slow work to make a design and it requires a lot of patience. If you speed up the process it will not be worth it. Also, experience and knowledge are required in this work. If a person has enough knowledge and experience they can easily carry out the work while if they lack out knowledge and experience, they will not be able to create better design and the work will not be sold at a higher price. So it does require a lot of effort, hard work and patience to carry out the business.

Online business or Local business?
When we talk about online and local business both are different from one and another and both are better in their ways. We will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of both businesses.

1. Online business 
When we talk about online business, the market for online has been increasing day by day and so is the online business taking over all over the world. One of the most famous online business such as amazon is the example of online business. IN online business there is no store or shop for customers to walk in and purchase the product but instead, they order online and it gets delivered at their doorstep. However, online business has some of the benefits and drawbacks mentioned below.

Ø Advantages of shopping online business 

  • It is convenient for people to shop online as they do not have to walk in the shops and malls to purchase the item and it will be delivered at their doorstep.
  • Online shopping saves your time as you do not have to wait in the traffic or to wait in line to purchase an item.
  • Shopping online saves your car fuel consumption which saves your extra cost.

Ø Disadvantages of shopping online business 

  • In shopping online business the personal service given to the customer is not available. 
  • When you shop online, personal contacts with the customers are not made. 
  • The major drawback of online business is that a customer cannot check the item before buying physically which they ca at local stores which eliminates the defects and defaults.
  • In shopping online, there are fewer discounts are given than as compared to the local store.

2. Local business 
When we talk about local businesses, it includes the shops and malls that sell the product and customers have to walk in the shop to purchase it. Local shops are the oldest method of shopping which is still widely being used. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the local business.

Ø Advantages of local business 

  • One of the benefits of shopping from local stores and malls is that the customer can check the quality of the product physically before purchasing it to eliminate the defects and defaults such as cloths size and damaged products.
  • In local businesses, the benefit for the shopkeepers and owners is that they can maintain direct contact from the customers.
  • In local businesses, the benefit for the customers is that they can get a personal service from the shopkeepers and owners.
  • One of the benefits in local stores are that it offers massive discounts and deals such as buy one and get one free.

Ø Disadvantage of local business 

  • When you shop in local stores and malls, the drawback is that it cost you fuel consumption as some stores and malls are located at a far distance from your residence.
  • In local shopping the drawback is that your time is consumed such as in traffic and rush.
  • One of the drawbacks for local businesses are that the workers are on lunch break and often a customer has to wait till they are available for the service.

What are some of the top trending products in Woodturning?

Here is a list of most top trending and profitable products in woodturning

  • Wooden toys
  • Coat racks
  • Fruit bowls
  • Picture frames
  • Plant boxes
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wooden utensils
  • Corner wall shelves
  • Birdhouses
  • Wooden pallet Christmas tree  
  • Coffee cup racks
  • Dog beds
  • Rustic headboards
  • Wine racks
  • Cutlery

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