What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is stated as a second pandemic virus of the 21st century. The first pandemic was reported in late 2009 till 2010 which was known as a swine flu pandemic. It has left at least 100,000 people dead. After the whole 10 years later in 2010, the second pandemic virus has been reported which is known as COVID-19. The first case of the virus reported was in late 2019 in Wuhan. According to the report it is stated that a man was infected due to the seafood that he had consumed. Shortly after the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 was found to be spreading all over china which caused more than 80,000 people infected and above 3,000 people dead. From late 2019 till today 2020 April, there are more than 2.4 million confirmed cases and 165,939 deaths worldwide.

What is the purpose of a nursing home?

When we talk about the nursing home, it is a home shelter for elderly people. It provides elderly people with all the professional services such as healthcare, food, and shelter. The services are mainly provided by the caretaker who takes care of elderly people. In California, there are millions of nursing homes that are active on a daily basis. However, after the rise of the coronavirus, it had affected the nursing homes negatively which resulted in millions of elderly people suffering, neglect, and abused.

How coronavirus did lead nursing homes to result in adverse effects?

A coronavirus is a contagious virus that can spread from one person to another easily, it led to chaos worldwide along which affected the nursing homes as well. As the awareness of social distancing started to rise, all the business got shut down, including the nursing homes and hospitals as well. Elderly people had been the worst victim to suffer due to the virus outbreak.

As there were no caretakers available at the nursing homes to take care of the elderly people which resulted in millions of elder people to suffer from sickness and death. In California, the highest number of reports were noticed which led elderly people to neglect and ignore. It led to the worst conditions in elderly people and they suffered the most from the virus.

However, there’s another problem that was highlighted in a nursing home lawyer is that the caretakers were abusing the elderly people and ignoring them when they are supposed to take care of them and it made the situation more worst and alarming.

How can nursing homes improve the situation for elderly people?

In order to improve the nursing homes for elderly people, it is essential to impose the laws against the caretakers so that they do not exploit the elderly people or do any harm to them. If laws are not imposed then it will never improve the situation for the elderly people and they will keep on suffering which should be stopped. Nursing home lawyers should appoint invigilators to keep an eye on the caretakers that could contribute to preventing the exploitation of elderly people.