Chiropractors and Lower Back Pain

The chiropractor is a health professional that uses a non-surgical method to treat musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. The Chiropractors usually focused on the spinal adjustment and muscular massage rather than surgical or medical treatments. According to different researchers, it is shown that that manual massages and therapies are more effective for muscular issues and body stiffness like lower back pain; lumbar herniated disc, neck pain and other muscular conditions. If an individual having mild back pain is treated by chiropractors they have long lasting outcomes.

Chiropractic care is important because of its drug and surgery free, natural healing principle. People have reported chiropractic benefit help to improve their lower back Pain along with following issues:




      Neck pain

      Arthritis and joint pain



      Blood pressure

      Healthy pregnancy

      Organ function

      Surgery prevention

The main manifesto of chiropractic professionals is that they believe that body has the tendency to heal itself without any medication, under the right and preferable circumstances.

In this regard Accident Chirowa not only provides awareness about the issue but also provide tips and services for readers to get not only information but trust and satisfaction too.  

Chiropractors are the individual who not only educate their patients about self-healing; they also facilitate to create such environment for them. A human nervous system controls every cell and organ of the body, so chiropractors focus their attention on the health of nervous system along with proper spine alignment, and if there are shifts, Chiropractors helps the spine to come back into alignment.

Core Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractic goal for the treatment of such patients is organized by the disability to mobilize, activity issues and pain intolerance, Prevention of the chronicity is the basic guideline for the lower  back  pain treatment .  Patients are motivated for the exercise, to perform certain activities and spinal manipulation is emphasized to accomplish the goal of pain free, strong lower back.


Chiropractors: Fundamental Beliefs and Goals

Chiropractors focus mainly on the collaboration of spine and nervous system. The relationship between nervous system and spine holds following beliefs:

      Disarrangement of spine and biochemical reactions can affect spinal functioning

      By the help of spinal manipulation chiropractors holds the integrity of the spine, reduces neurological pressure and improve overall health of individual.

A chiropractic examination does not differ from medical or standard examination. They analyze the condition of injury or problem by examining the structure and function of problematic muscle or spine But treatment provided by chiropractors are quite different from other health care’s not in term of procedure but with results also.

Examination of Lower Back

Chiropractic examination of lower back consisted of three parts

      Chiropractic Consultation

      Case history of client

      Physical examination

Along with these three basic steps x-ray examinations and laboratory analysis is also required.


At first patient in need of chiropractic care meets with the chiropractic profession, and provides history about the issue, injury or trauma that caused back pain.

Questions that chiropractor may ask are:

      Onset and frequency of the symptoms

      Details about the symptoms

      Targeted area of pain

      Positions that makes the pain feel better

      What positions cause more pain

Case History

After gaining basic information chiropractors ask certain questions in order to get the holistic picture of the problem to get extensive knowledge about the symptoms and problematic area .along with patient’s personal history chiropractors also analyze patient’s family history and his prior medical history to know about the cause and onset of the problem.

      Family history is being asked by the chiropractors

      Prior medical history including any kind of medical issue and diseases faced by the patient

      Medical treatment including  (osteopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic and medical treatment)                         

      Eating habits

      Psychosocial history

      Psychological history

      Occupational history

Chiropractors in Kennewick city also probe questions based on the responses to get extensive and valid information.

Physical Examination

Different tests are also used to get the extensive information about the issue being faced by the patient. Chiropractor use different methods to examine spinal malfunction that causes the pain and restrict individual in their movement. Depend on the nature of the issue other diagnostic tests such as X. rays are also used.

Chiropractors use a detail physical and biochemical concept to treat patients with spinal injury and lower back muscle displacement to provide patients best services.

Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, are common terms to use for the treatment of spinal functioning.

A chiropractic adjustment refers to a chiropractor applying physical pressure to the spinal vertebrae that is not performing normally.  

This treatment is used by chiropractors to reduce Subluxation, that increases range of motion and it also reduces nerve irritability and improving functions.


Chiropractic care along with cardiovascular strengthening exercises is crucial in managing spinal malfunction and back pain.

If patient is suffering from cardiovascular issues it is compulsory for him to not only consult chiropractic professional but also a doctor and a physician before starting any fitness activities. They will provide necessary information and specific instructions will be given by the chiropractor or physician according to get proper diet along with that patient’s heart condition and exercise will be monitored to avoid any problematic event after the exercise program.

Types of Exercises

A lot of back exercises are suggested by chiropractors that are available for patients having spinal malfunction back pain.

If the patient with back issue feels comfortable while bending over and bending forward and pulling knees to the chest then these exercises will not only increase flexibility but also increase low back flexion.

These exercises helps in reduction of lower back pain also helps in:

      Stabilized and strengthen pelvic or trunk muscles.

      Helps in tightening of postural muscles along with stretching of adductors and hamstring muscles.

      Promotes balance and helps in movement.

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