Commonly Believed Myths About CBD and its Benefits

As CBD gradually becomes a hot topic as more and more people turn towards it for its numerous plus points and the CBD market increases, there are still some myths that are commonly believed by a large percentage of the general population. These myths need to be busted which is why we’ve compiled a list of CBD myths still going around to get you updated:


1.      CBD Has Sedative Tendencies:


We’ve all heard that CBD can help reduce the effects of insomnia. This has ultimately made people believe that CBD acts as a sedative and an intake of it in your system means you’ll start feeling dizzy and dose off to sleep in a while. However, the truth is quite the opposite being CBD does calm a person down but it does not make you sleep as a sedating product. In contrast, many people have reported feeling much more alert after taking CBD.


2.      CBD Binds to Receptors:


Another commonly believed myth is that the cannabinoids in CBD attach themselves to the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) just like its related compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, CBD itself does not attach to the receptors rather it works indirectly with the immune system to provide pathways that indirectly activate and inhibit the functions of hormones and enzymes.


3.      CBD is Safe for Everyone:


A misconception regarded with CBD is that it is proved to be safe for everyone. Meanwhile, in reality, although there are statements that confirm the benefits of CBD, they are not yet studied and researched thoroughly. This also means that CBD does not essentially have to suit every person. Where individuals are stating the benefits of CBD, there are also a few cases in which people report side effects to CBD products. For this reason, an individual should consult a doctor before starting CBD products.


4.      All CBD Forms Have Similar Effects:


Best CBD fitness products are found in different forms such as gummies, candies, pills, lotions, gels, e-cigarettes and many more. Another misunderstanding for CBD is that all forms affect similarly. However, each form of CBD works differently, for example, they may have varying durations and they may even have various results. For this reason, it is important to research and consult what type of CBD product you should be using for your problem.


5.      Higher Dosage; More Effectiveness:


We all are culprits to the belief that a higher dosage of anything increases its effectiveness. Similarly, for CBD it is also believed that for a higher concentration of dosage the results will tend to be more effectivity in lesser duration. However, this is not essentially true for CBD since the same dosage works differently for each person according to their internal system and the issue they’re targeting. 


6.      CBD is Openly Available:

With the increasing craze in the usage of CBD products, it is commonly understood that CBD has become legalized in every state and is openly available. Whereas the truth is that CBD has still only been declared legal in a few states and you can’t buy it from just about anywhere.