Explore Wall hung cloakroom vanity unit for an interior layout

A cloakroom should instead be a place to treasure with the addition of wall hung cloakroom vanity unit. We sometimes see it as a dull little room. Unfortunately, the dumping of damaged bicycles, discarded boots, and malfunctioning deckchair, which are all too often ignored by several homeowners. If your cloakroom has a little (not too much) value, it will help to provide your visitors with comfort and privacy in their bathroom (where their wrinkle cream, old school facial cloth, and worn-out toothbrush remain a secret forever!).

Wall hung cloakroom vanity unit

Minimum discomfort and much more

A cloakroom can be situated almost anywhere if it can make satisfactory arrangements for plumbing. Whether it is next to a living area or kitchen, there is indeed a lobby. It requires a minimum of space (an area as small as xl.5m). In several ways, floor space under an existing bathroom minimizes discomfort.

What is in the cool wall hung cloakroom vanity unit? 

The toilet pan and cistern are essential, of course. A built-in cistern is neater from a decorating point of view and has storage for accessories. If the cistern is not built-in, a portable shelf with frames can still be mounted. If there is limited space, you must either fit into an extra-small hand base or a corner.

  • It is a smart idea to choose a generous basin in a larger cloakroom with a swing mixer tap arrangement – beneficial for filling a seal, watering bucket, or kettle. The basin can also be set into a vanity unit for a less functional look and additional storage. The addition of a shower will reduce pressure to the main bathroom when space is required.

  • It would help if you had a well-equipped, (preferably full length) mirror, toilet paper holder, towel rail, and wall hooks for jackets. It may seem unnecessary to heat a space used for such small areas but is essential to visitors' security and comfort and can be combined with a heated towel rail. Purposeful additions, like magazines for tourists' entertainment, are grooming items, such as a nail brush, perfumes, the brush of hair, and the comb set.

  • Since your garment probably occupies only a small area, you have an excellent chance to look at more exotic finishes in a larger size that may be lavish or strong. Because your time in this room probably is short, you may make a much stronger statement of decoration than a family bathroom, say, might be thought prudent.

An extra attractive touch, indeed!

This is the best place to break a visual joke with a captive public - where else can you show your accomplishment without being immodest (your 'Oscar' gradation, war medals, parachuting jump certificate, or peace award)? Think of the following ideas:

  • What about having a part of it by painting rainbow colours if it displays several pipes?

  • What about your walls covered with newsletters with exciting titles?

  • Why not take the chance to build yourself scenes with a touch of grace if your cloakroom has a dull view from the window (or indeed no window)?

  • Consider keeping the walls very straight and using your room as a prize place, museum, or art gallery.

Be careful not to mix too many ideas, regardless of your style, in this small room and the results.

Wall hung cloakroom vanity unit

Wall hung cloakroom vanity unit from the Royal bathrooms

The exterior would be the logical starting point, I suppose. This is a massive undertaking, so why not add an extension if the budget is in order. This may take the shape of a different space or a hall. Options for wall hung cloakroom vanity unit will add substantial value to the house so that the investment is valuable. Google now!