How Jen promoted her candle brand with rigid boxes

Jen woke up satisfied with the order of custom rigid boxes she placed last night. She was looking forward to getting her hands on these boxes. Jen knew the importance of packaging. She knew that good-quality packaging reflected well on a respective company. As she sipped her coffee, she went through her invoice again to make sure there was no mistake. Life has not always been easy for Jen. She married young right after graduation and was a widow within two years. She lost her husband to cancer. She delivered a child just six months before her husband's death. Today, Jen has a popular brand, which is known for providing premium candles. But Jen wanted to offer products with better value for money for her customers. Hence, she ordered custom rigid boxes.

Jen knew she had to work right from the start. So, she took various courses and in aromatherapy and candle-making and started her own business. The premium candles Jen was offering previously; were large-sized. A few customers suggested she introduce a ‘bundle offer’ of two to three mini-sized premium candles. Jen liked the idea. She knew that not all customers could afford large premium candles. But most would not have a problem paying for reasonable rates against mini-sized premium candles. For a few months, Jen wanted to add to the product line of fragrant candles by introducing new aromas. Small-sized candles will provide her with the perfect opportunity to introduce these scented candles to those who want to experiment. She knew that printed rigid boxes augment the looks and help add to the perceived value of products. She selected boxes with internal separators for her set of candles.

Jen’s rigid packaging boxes

Jen got in touch with an experienced print and packaging company to get her rigid boxes. The company designed custom rigid boxes in small sizes for her candles. She selected embossing on the borders of the box and the logo of her company. She wanted her logo to be noticeable. Jen also opted for foil stamping in rose gold color for her logo and brand name. It made them pop out on the dark-colored boxes. Jen knew that her candles needed protection. So, she selected boxes with internal separators. They were made from cardboard but covered with suede for a consistent interior look. She knew that internal separators help the candles remain in their place. The sturdy cardboard stock selected for these boxes provided resistance against impacts during display, storage, and transportation, etc. She chose a jet-black color for her rigid packaging boxes, which her customers loved.

Rigid Box

Jen wanted to surprise her customers and recipients. So she used magnetic clasps in her printed rigid boxes. Jen knew that they will delight her customers when unboxing these boxes. She had viewed the trending boxes on social media, where the customers recorded the entire unboxing experience through the cameras. Jen was aware of the power of brand exposure. She wanted people to talk about her products and share the images of her candles in the virtual world. It was possible only if she selected packaging boxes that exceeded the customers' expectations. It amazed Jen at the options that manufacturers of rigid boxes in the USA have created in all sizes and different shapes.

Ordering custom rigid boxes

Custom rigid boxes come in all sizes and dimensions. They come with the latest add-ons and finishes depending on the preferences of the clients. If you wish to get the same for your premium product line, make sure to check out the customization tools of the Californian-based ClipnBox packaging company.


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